Putting your ideas on paper

As lover of sketch notes, I recently bought copies of Mike Rhodes’ book about sketch noting and he has a fantastic program that comes with the book to assist you with refining your skills and giving you a little bit more of the science behind the process, which you may or may not have realised that you were using. Also Mike's team was kind enough to put me in their blog this month!

Of late, there seems to be a lot of ‘whiteboard videos' to suggest the hand drawn feeling.  As a sketch noter, I do find these a little too mechanical and computer generated.

My timelapse of a sketch note that I did recently about my new businesses called The Story Curator is here.  Feedback from the husband was ‘I felt a little seasick, it is too waddly… what is the actual purpose of this'.

We don't always need a purpose.

Enjoy, with no purpose…

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