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Kate Hawthorne

From a young age, Kate Hawthorne aspired to write an amazing bio. But alas, this dream had to wait until she graduated from Miami University with two bachelors degrees in Fine Arts and Arts and Sciences. As a paper cut survivor she has created art for a wide variety of mediums from graphic novels, children’s books, contests, costumes, theatre scenery, posters, newspapers, and even people’s faces. She loves long walks through the art store, caffeinated beverages after midnight, and making everyone she meets laugh until they have sustained internal bleeding.  Ask sometime to see her collection of rocks that look suspiciously unlike Bono.

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Mariko Francis

Mariko grew up in a hot and dusty country town, 400 km north-west of Melbourne, Australia. Although she’s no longer living in the country, she’s never too far away from getting her hands dirty.

Her studies in fine arts have taken her to various instructors and institutions in Melbourne, New York, Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo. Combined with cultural influences from her Japanese-Australian heritage, Mariko brings a unique mix of traditional and digital arts together to form her current body of work.

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Christy Martin

As a child growing up in country South Australia, drawing came pretty naturally to Christy. The first things she chose to depict were from her home environment (still life drawings of pet rabbits, botanicals and landscapes) and cartoons portraying everything from her Nana to various 80’s animated icons of the time. The ability to draw and paint proved a bit of a ticket to relative popularity in Primary and High School, which helped no end in encouraging the development of this skill. Buoyed by very positive reinforcement from her parents and the support of friends, teachers and interested local community groups such as Naracoorte TAFE (where they kindly let her take a watercolour class at age 11), a lifelong love for art and (eventually), also design, was fostered. This love lead to a Bachelor Degree in Visual Communication (University of South Australia), majoring in Illustration, followed by Honours (graduating as First Class with the DIA Professional Encouragement Award).

Currently completing her Master of Communication Design through RMIT (Melbourne), Christy has been a professional Graphic Designer and Illustrator for the past 15 years, with the last 6 specialising in Brand and Advertising. She has illustrated for children’s books, advertising, brand, on commission and participated in several art exhibitions and can turn her hand to both traditional and digital mediums.

Now tackling work, university study and toddler-taming (her son, Griffin, was born to her and partner, Mike, in 2011), her fondest wish is for a full night’s sleep (anything over 7 unbroken hours, please!). She is always keen to draw, paint, take photographs, is way too interested in social media and will read just about anything. She loves to get out for a good run around the neighbourhood with some cool tunes blaring in her ears, chill out at the beach, or hike in the mountains and spend precious time with her family and friends. Christy is always inspired by seeing awesome art, design, architecture, amazing landscapes or beautiful creatures.

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Zoltan Nemes

Since the beginning of Zoltan’s career he has worked as an illustrator and published editorial cartoons for the biggest magazines and daily newspapers of his country. Over the years, he has won several nice awards with his works: • IBM’s first prize for the best interactive cartoon application (1998, International Cartoon Art Festival, Budapest) • The Hungarian Newspaper Publisher’s “Brenner György” award (2001) for the best published political cartoons • The Cartoonist’s Association’s honouring award (2010) for the best editorial cartoon of the year.

He has a good sense of humour – but is always serious about providing high quality work to his clients.

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Xian Liu (aka Sean)

Sean collaborates with us for the translation of our books into Mandarin.

His experience is diverse.  Funnily we meet while he was working as a gardener!

“Don’t underestimate me, and I won’t underestimate you.”
Bob Dylan

Sean’s qualifications are as follows:
Bachelor and Master degrees from Department of International Politics, Peking University;
Assistant Research Fellow at Central Compilation and Translation Bureau in Beijing;
Visiting Scholar at Government Department, University of Queensland in Australia;
Doctorial degree from Department of International and Modern Asian Studies, Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia;

While Sean is not studying he has been involved in various research projects in the areas of modern Asian and China studies sequentially in Department of International and Modern Asian Studies, Griffith University, Agricultural College of Sydney University at Orange, NSW and Griffith Asia Institute, Brisbane in a bilingual environment.

Lately he has been a freelancer in translation and interpreting industry with NAATI certificates.

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