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The Terrible Red Racer

Review by Ella Neil at WritersWeb

What did you like about this book?
It is funny and realistic. It has a sense of humour. The pictures are good. I think it has good explanation. The pictures to me, explain a lot too. Its long which I really like. I also like it that it sounds like someone just made it up but at the same time knowing that its actually real.

This book is about:
Well, it’s about a Father telling a story about when he was a boy to his wife and two daughters. How he broke his arm on his best friends new Red Racer because of a new invention that locks the wheels so that they can’t turn in any direction. And how he got the bike to the school and tried to phone his mum but because it was a student free day he was not allowed inside the school. And that the doctors tried to pull his bones back in place, because a bone in one arm was sticking out at right angles, but they didn’t realise that the pain killer injection which lasts half an hour had been given to him two hours earlier.

The people that would enjoy this book are:
Well, I’m not really sure. Hmmmm. Maybe five +. Yes five minimum anyway .

Is there anything else you noticed about this book?
The illustrations are great! I liked everything!

The Big Rusty Nail

Review by Abbey English at WritersWeb

The Big Rusty Nail is a wonderful book that re-tells a story from the author’s father. It is very funny and suspenseful as the father tells a story from his school days.

It reminded me very much of my own grandfather’s story telling skills.

I would recommend this book for young children as the story is easy to understand and the illustrations are great.

The Brandings Game

Review by Review Edwards at WritersWeb

“What’s that?” asked Tommy of the title. By the end of the story, not only had he learnt a new game, but how not to play it!, although he commented that he wanted to fall down and break not one, but both arms…

Tommy (6) was very engaged with the story, listening hard. He was not so enamoured of the illustrations: “They’re weird” was the comment.

This book prompted Tommy to explain clearly the rules of a school yard game, Red Rover.

A nifty book to teach a lesson in what not to do.

The Weekend Cash Call

Review by Diana and Elizabeth at WritersWeb

An entertaining read which takes a trip down memory lane as Dad explains to his children how he used to make money when he was growing up in the 1980′s. Lots of bright coloured pictures and explanations of things such as boom boxes, records and cassette players. An interesting read with the ability to access podcasts, puzzles and free audiobooks via the author’s website.

This book’s back cover advises that the story provides a modern take on the proverb “Fortune favours the brave” – this book is a fun read for ages 5 years and up.


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