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Blind contour drawing of Aven by Jasmin

Jasmin loves to practice Blind Contours. This is a technique that she has been practicing with her awesome art teacher Meredith MacLeod.


Blind contour drawing of Lily by Jasmin

More practice of those Blind Contour drawings.


Sweeties by me

Using Paper 53 on the ipad

Story Bridge at night by Mum

Paper 53 on the ipad


Circles by Jasmin

No paper to clean up with Paper 53 on the Ipad and no limit to the colours we want to use.

131115 art1

Square Window

Used to discover art pieces.

131115 art2

Source documents for pieces by Stephanie

Here are the pictures that inspired the art.
131115 art5

Candlesticks in black and white by Stephanie

Trying out simple line drawing from a photo.

131115 art4

Candlesticks in colour by Stephanie

Add a little colour and voila a new look for the same idea.

131115 art6

Abstract Art by Stephanie

Experimenting with various techniques.

131115 art

Blue Yonder by Stephanie

Watercolour and crayon.

Crazy Land

My sister drew this picture and asked mum to put it up in our gallery for sharing.

summer 2014 page 2

Summer fun

Mum also likes to scrapbook… She got these supplies from and

page 8

Me in dressup

Supplies from

140222 flower

Flowes 1

Simple picture by mum, catch more of her stuff on society 6
140220 flowers2

Flowers 2

Mum likes to draw flowers.

131118 dmb art cover

Circles and Rainbows by Mum

What nicer way to start the day than with a rainbow and circles.

castle by jazzy 1

Castle by Jazzy

Jazzy thought it would be nice to put up some cheery pictures in time for Xmas. May you enjoy

bubbles by jazzy

Bright colours and little shadows by Jazzy

happy holidays by jazzy

Happy Holidays from Jazzy

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