Looking back

We have been cleaning out our cupboards over the last couple of months.

With so many storage platforms now digital, the need for paperwork has become almost unnecessary and old CDs and DVDs no longer need to be filling up the shelves.

Kids’ artwork can be captured and stories can be shared easily amongst family and friends instead of sitting in a cupboard never looked at.

Having said this, it was funny pulling out some albums that had been put together 10 years ago with thoughts and memories of our experiences at the time.

These were a real treasure to read about the simple things that we were doing as well as remembering some of the experiences that we have had.

What is your story from 10 years ago?

Did it change the direction you were heading or reinforce where you were going?

I certainly would not change any decisions that I have had over the last 10 years.

What would you do?

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