Happy Bilby?

My sister told me that “Australians are slowly developing their own cultural identity. As a result many Australians (not just some but MANY) no longer believe the Easter Bunny is environmentally or culturally appropriate”. So over the Easter holiday we should embrace the image of the Bilby as our icon for Easter rather than the environmentally and culturally inappropriate “Bunny”.

This also raises the question of what Easter is now about. Traditionally it was a very Christian celebration however in today's commercially driven world it seems to be about lots of money being spent on “gifts”.

In this regard, as quoted in a great song “Where has all the lovin' gone?”, what does Easter now mean? Are we all losing our cultural roots? Or are we commencing new cultures?

This also expands to all holidays that we now “celebrate”. Are we in line with our culture or are we simply spending money?

A great site that explores our consumerism and what the industralised age has done to us asks some great questions about what our future may or may not hold. The site is called “The Story of Stuff”.

Enjoy watching the videos on the site.

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