Gran and Gramps visit South America

My Gran and Gramps have been recently travelling through South America and regularly sent us photos of their travels.

They went to some amazing places and saw amazing things. Some of the places they went to were the Amazon River, the Galapagos Islands, Patagonia, Machu Picchu, Iguaçu Falls, Rio and La Paz. They also went to Darkest Peru. They looked for Paddington Bear, but apparently he was not there at the time, however they did find traces of where he had been. His relations, the Spectacled bears, live high in the Andes Mountains. 

Gran and Gramps have also promised to do a presentation at school in relation to their travels, and particularly, the weird and wonderful animals and birds they saw while in the Amazon. Gran was also fortunate enough to catch and eat some piranhas! When they were at Lake Titicaca, they visited islands and a floating reed village. The houses are built out of the reeds that grow in the lake. They need to rebuilld the islands few years; when they start to sink.

All in all, they had lots of fun and really enjoyed their travels, grappling with speaking a little Spanish and interacting with some wonderful peoples in this far off land.

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