Capturing moments in time

With all the hustle and bustle of today’s modern age, sometimes it is easy to forget to capture the moments that we enjoy with our loved ones.

It seems that with the ability to take digital photos, we take so many that we do not take the time to print these up as an album for people to look at, enjoy and retell the stories of those moments.

A couple of tricks that we use are as follows:
1. Matthew (Dad) is the key collector of funny quotes from the kids. This involves emailing them to a me with the key words “GIRL’S QUOTE” in the subject so I can easily locate, and;
2. My job is to put together an album of the images and quotes of each in our family members for their birthday.

It is very interesting to watch the girls open these albums. There is clearly a mix of emotions when they receive it.

They love to look back on what has been done and also there are many giggles with the quotes that they have come up with and their general observations of the world.

It is also great to see them pulling the albums out, time and again, and looking back through them and asking to be retold the stories of the adventures that they have had on the pages in the book. Asking details like, “What happened to that dress? Why don’t I have it anymore?” Or trying to work out who is who in some of the photos, seeing our four girls look very similar.

How do you collect and share your memories and take the time to enjoy these moments?

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