terrible red racer

Thank you for being part of my recent presentation. 

As promised, your copy of the Words from Daddy’s Mouth in English AND Mandarin Chinese can be downloaded in PDF here.

What happens when Dad swaps his yellow BMX bike for his friend’s red racer? Find out in the latest “Words from Daddy’s Mouth”—The Terrible Red Racer.

The story also provides a modern take on “Murphy’s Law.” That is, what can go wrong, will go wrong.

当爸爸用他的黄色山地越野自行车换骑朋友的红色赛车 后,会发生什么事?答案就在最新出版的系列丛书“爹的 口述故事之一《可怕的红赛车》一书中。
这个故事还提供了现代版的“墨菲定律”例证。亦即:任 何可能出错之事,必将出(相当‘怕处有鬼’或‘绳从 细处断’之意)。

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– Matthew Burgess

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