We are currently having our summer holiday and my sisters and I really enjoy being able to go to the beach at any stage during the day.

Mum and dad unfortunately don’t think this is such a good idea to go into the sun when it is particularly hot.

The other issue of course has been that there have been some bluebottles due to the northerly offshore breeze, however we have still been able to build some great sand castles and have fun walking along the paths in the park area, even if we haven't been able to get directly onto the beach.

It is also great to be able to enjoy the cool breeze as my nanny and poppy told me that their house is 'stinking hot' and they cannot believe how cool it is when they come and visit us.

I guess that is one of the great things about being at the coast for the summer.  We get away from the heat of the city and have lots of fun playing around the beach.

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